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Renee Logan is an Australian born writer, artist, and photographer. She has lived in Europe and traveled the world, but proudly calls Texas, USA her home.

Renee has written and illustrated children's books, and continues to do so in parallel to her love of writing thrillers, science-fiction, dystopian, mysteries, romance, and general fiction.

With a predilection for oil painting and a vast array of photography interests, Renee's artistic works can be found among both private and commercial collections, as well as print media and advertising.
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In the court of public opinion, social media reigns supreme. The ability to find untainted jurors long proven to be a futile endeavor, the nation turned to the Pure Juror System.

When Eddie was taken by the system, he thought he was doing his civic duty, not being indoctrinated into a maddening isolation that would leave him fighting for his very breath.

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"...riveting...imbuing scenes with anticipation...Logan wisely lets a dash of uneasiness linger...utterly appealing fusion of dystopian tale and courtroom drama." - Kirkus Reviews

"Couldn't put it down! Wonderful book, really enjoyed the suspense. Loved the concept of delivering justice in the future setting. Not often that a book really makes me feel as if I'm watching a story unfold but this one did it for me." - T. Grady. USA.

"A very well written book with outstanding writer style. You can read it in one shot or enjoy it over time." - Jack T. USA.

"Amazing book! Once you start reading it, you can't put it down!" - W. Phillips, Texas, USA.

"Real Thrills and Greaty Writing! - Let me start off by saying that I usually read historical fiction books and that I love English history, so this book is a far cry from what I usually read. Having said that, I felt this book had a great story and I enjoyed the thrill factor. The author's descriptions were such that it was like I was living right with Eddie in his room. I could see and feel everything. The food descriptions in this book are alone worth reading! This is a very cerebral book in that a lot of thrills and tensions take place in Eddie's mind, and that limited perspective, so to speak, was utterly fascinating to me. The end of this book does not disappoint, and I can't help but wonder if the author will delve further into Eddie's story. I also had several laugh out loud moments because the main character is so real. The scariest thing is that this book could actually happen, and I feel that it is not far fetched at all. Great, great book!" - Kristen M. North Carolina, USA.

"This book vividly answers a very scary, but at the same time intriguing, "what if?" question. By the end of the book, I was left thinking, "My goodness, this kind of thing could really happen!!" It's a disturbing, and yet thoroughly enjoyable, read. Like any great thriller, it's the kind of book that leaves its readers wanting more (but kind of afraid for more at the same time!). Highly recommended!!!" - Julie K. Texas, USA.

"What a unique story concept! I thoroughly enjoyed the twists and I was hooked from the get go. I enjoyed the suspense of not knowing what was going to happen next. I loved that the author teased me with several possible outcomes and still surprised me with the ending. I'm hanging out for a sequel!" - Nicole Gray. QLD, Australia.

"...This is a thoroughly enjoyable read. Set within alternative, modern-day institutions, we follow the main character as he attempts to find out what's happening to him and, with the help of some very skilled friends, to escape with his life. The book has a well-drawn main character, a lot of suspense, and a unique plot. The ending is satisfying as well as leaving some questions unanswered. It can easily be read in an afternoon or evening and is fantastic escapism. Highly recommended for fans of action and suspense." - Elizabeth Ross. NSW, Australia.

"This book ROCKS!!!!! Well written and keeps you intrigued! A+++++" - Franklin P. Johnston. North Carolina, USA.

"I love suspense and thrillers and this one did not disappoint. I was caught up in Eddie's day to day life from the beginning. Can't wait for more books from this author. Maybe we will even get to see more of Eddie's story!" - Beverly Gaulden. North Carolina, USA.

"This book is exciting from beginning to end. Really makes you stop and think if this could actually happen. It was very hard to put down... Well written, great reading." - M. Patterson. NSW, Australia.
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Renee was recently interview by Buttonholed Book Reviews. Click the link below to learn more about the author, her writing process, and what inspired the psychological suspense "J159".
Three feet wide and four feet tall, "Beyond the Grand Canal" is my latest work in oil on canvas. Many of us have seen adaptations of the splendor of the Grand Canal, viewed masterful recreations of Saint Mark's Basilica, but I wanted to take you beyond those sights and share my recollection of a lesser known area I once strolled along many years ago when I allowed myself to become lost in Venice. I hope you enjoy the view.

I have a wide array of art to share with you, from landscapes and cityscapes, to still life, portraits, and anything in-between. You'll even find the occassional abstract painting too. Please click or touch the "Art" tab at the top of the page to see more.
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