Renee Logan

Writer & Artist


Renee is a writer of screenplays, teleplays, novels, serialized fiction, and children's books. Her work includes a mixture of solo projects, co-writes, rewrites, and script consultation.

Whilst she'll write in most genres, Renee gravitates toward action, suspense, mystery, drama, and crime, with occasional works in romance, comedy, adventure, and family.


Renee has written many screenplays (and teleplays) spanning a wide variety of genres. Her work has placed highly in multiple screenplay competitions including the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, Pasadena International Film Festival, and Lake Travis Film Festival. She has written and co-written screenplays under work-for-hire and contractural arrangements, and also worked as a script consultant.

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Renee has written novels and short stories in a variety of genres including: crime, drama, mystery, suspense, dystopian, romance, and general contemporary fiction. She has also written and illustrated for children.

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Writing Services

Renee provides the following writing services:
- Screenplay & teleplay writing (by paid contract only).
- Rewrites & Co-writes (by paid contract only).
- Script consultation (rates negotiable).

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