Renee Logan

Writer & Artist


Renee has written many screenplays and teleplays spanning a wide variety of genres. Her work has placed highly in multiple screenplay competitions including the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, Pasadena International Film Festival, and Lake Travis Film Festival.

She has written and co-written screenplays under work-for-hire and contractural arrangements, and also worked as a script consultant.

Examples of her work include…

Three Days From Queens (movie poster)

Three Days from Queens

It's "The Wonder Years" meets the mob in a classic coming-of-age tale of a young Italian-American boy growing up in a family on the fringe of organized crime.

The orphaned son of a Hollywood starlet is pulled into a life of organized crime by his uncle. In a moment of crisis, he seeks a connection to the father he never knew, leading him on a journey of obsession and regret.

Renee teamed with actor Rocco Parente to co-write this endearing tale of life in unusual circumstances.

Acting legend Vinny Pastore is among the talent attached to this project which is gaining momentum in active development.

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J159 Book CoverLAISA Logo


What if jury duty was permanent? If being sequestered lasted years, would you trust the system not to take advantage?

Eddie was an average, hard-working man. He was ripped from his idyllic suburban home and forced into a long-term jury system by an overreaching government cabal. Trapped in a web of lies, corruption, and murder, he must fight to escape before the system consumes him.

The screenplay adaptation of Renee's 2017 novel of the same name was selected as a semi-finalist for "Best Screenplay" by the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards.

Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 5.39.33 PM


In the 1900s, the German secret society THULE and their occult, all-women division VRIL establish contact with the other world.

This action/sci-fi/thriller provides an alternate history thrill-ride.

Renee was hired as a script consultant by director Christian Pichler to perform a major, end-to-end rewrite of this screenplay. The project is currently in pre-production with a growing list of highly talented actors and filmmakers attached.

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Renee re-teamed with director Christian Pichler to co-write the supernatural horror Don't Wake Up, which is planned to be filmed in Europe.

PIFF 2020 Official Selection LaurelFINALIST - Pasadena International Film Festival - 2020LAISA-LogoLTFF 2020 Official Selecltion Laurel

Imprisoned in a doomsday biodome experiment, a frightened amnesia patient seeks clues to her identity and a chance to escape. She'll need to overcome her mistrust and rely on strangers, but it might cost her everything.

The Whittling is an intense action screenplay with an unlikely band of heroes. It toys with conspiracy theories, tech overlords, and doomsday preppers on a journey filled with paranoia.

The Whittling was selected as a Finalist for Best Screenplay at the Pasadena International Film Festival. An earlier draft of the story was also selected as a Quarterfinalist by both the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards and the Lake Travis Film Festival.

Dumped at Christmas, an emotional exhausted writer escapes to her parent's lake house in a desperate attempt to complete her overdue manuscript. She quickly finds herself living small town melodrama instead of writing about it.

This family friendly, holiday romance would tie well with your Hallmark, Netflix, and Amazon holiday movie binge.

Parker (Kindle Vella series image)


Raised on cold cases and conspiracy theories, Lou Parker was destined to follow in her father's footsteps. Thrust to the helm of their floundering P.I. business, Lou struggles to hold their makeshift family together while she hunts for a killer and attempts to restore her father's reputation.

This crime drama/mystery is filled with complex characters, procedural drama style cases, and lingering mysteries that slowly unravel behind a shroud of family secrets.

The world of Lou Parker currently exists in three forms: a feature length screenplay, a teleplay pilot (with subsequent episodes), and, most recently, the serialization of Parker in novella form on Amazon's Kindle Vella.

Amazon's Kindle Vella is the exclusive home of Parker in story form and contains content not available elsewhere.

New episodes of Parker are released every Tuesday.

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Void of life skills, a practically incompetent tech guy in his 30s is finally forced to leave the nest when his nest up and retires to Florida.

This teleplay is written in half-hour comedy pilot form.


Renee wrote an emotionally charged drama to tug at your heart strings under a work-for-hire contract with a Texas-based producer.


Renee is currently working on multiple new screenplays including:
- a single location action
- a supernatural drama
- a conspiracy thriller
- a romantic comedy
- a family adventure