Renee Logan

Writer & Artist




Raised on cold cases and conspiracy theories, Lou Parker was destined to follow in her father's footsteps. Thrust to the helm of their floundering P.I. business, Lou struggles to hold their makeshift family together while she hunts for a killer and attempts to restore her father's reputation.

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Parker is available exclusively on Amazon's Kindle Vella.

J159 Book Cover


In the court of public opinion, social media reigns supreme. Having long given up on the notion of finding untainted jurors, the courts turned to the Pure Juror System.

Eddie was living a normal life in the suburbs. He worked hard and his career was taking off, until a knock at the door changed it all. Forced into the Pure Juror System by an overreaching government cabal, Eddie faces maddening isolation, ironically, more severe than that inflicted on those found guilty at trial. Depressed and losing hope, Eddie soon learns that there's more than just his freedom at stake.

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Great Big Tree (book cover)

Great Big Tree

Take a walk with me, starting with the Great BIG Tree. A book for young children, designed especially to engage their observation skills as they enjoy the wonderful world around them. Observation, counting, memory, and rhyme are all showcased in this memorable, hand-illustrated adventure.

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Circles All Around (book cover)

Circles All Around

When you look at the world, do you see the shapes within it? This illustrated children's book is designed to encourage young minds to seek out the finer details in what they see. Like a scavenger hunt throughout your home, this adventure helps children identify shapes within shapes aiding in pattern recognition and drawing skills.

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