Renee Logan
Dumped at Christmas, an emotionally exhausted writer escapes to her parent's lake house in a desperate attempt to complete her overdue manuscript. She quickly finds herself living small town melodrama instead of writing about it.

Imprisoned in a doomsday biodome experiment, a frightened amnesia patient seeks the answers to her identity as well as her freedom.

J159 - (Suspense/Conspiracy/Action)
Trapped in the Pure Juror System by an overreaching government cabal, a once docile citizen fights back when he discovers the true nature of the program.

The orphaned son of a Hollywood starlet is pulled into a life of organized crime by his uncle. In a moment of crisis, he seeks a connection to the father he never knew, leading him on a journey of obsession and regret. (co-writer Rocco Parente - Boardwalk Empire, Godfather of Harlem, A Bronx Tale)

DON'T WAKE UP - (Horror)
Co-written with director Christian Pichler, this film is currently in pre-production in Europe.

UNBREAKABLE - (Action/Drama)
A young man finds his breaking point when a high-risk opportunity proves to be the only hope for his struggling family.

(Title Withheld) - (Drama)
A story to inspire and pull at your heartstrings. This screenplay was written for an Austin based producer and is currently in development.


UNTITLED - (Action)
(Contained/Single location).

LARRY - (Drama)

UNTITLED - (Conspiracy/Thriller)

DATING MR. WRONG - (Romance)

THE LOOKING TREE - (Family/Adventure)

They come from all over, but they don't all leave. This year, it will take them all. The woods are calling.

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In the court of public opinion, social media reigns supreme. The ability to find untainted jurors long proven to be a futile endeavor, the nation turned to the Pure Juror System.

When Eddie was taken by the system, he thought he was doing his civic duty, not being indoctrinated into a maddening isolation that would leave him fighting for his very breath.

"Couldn't put it down! Wonderful book, really enjoyed the suspense. Loved the concept of delivering justice in the future setting. Not often that a book really makes me feel as if I'm watching a story unfold but this one did it for me." - T. Grady. USA.

"Amazing book! Once you start reading it, you can't put it down!" - W. Phillips, Texas, USA.

"Real Thrills and Greaty Writing! - The author's descriptions were such that it was like I was living right with Eddie in his room. I could see and feel everything. The food descriptions in this book are alone worth reading! This is a very cerebral book in that a lot of thrills and tensions take place in Eddie's mind, and that limited perspective, so to speak, was utterly fascinating to me. The end of this book does not disappoint, and I can't help but wonder if the author will delve further into Eddie's story. I also had several laugh out loud moments because the main character is so real. The scariest thing is that this book could actually happen, and I feel that it is not far fetched at all. Great, great book!" - Kristen M. North Carolina, USA.

"This book vividly answers a very scary, but at the same time intriguing, "what if?" question. By the end of the book, I was left thinking, "My goodness, this kind of thing could really happen!!" It's a disturbing, and yet thoroughly enjoyable, read. Like any great thriller, it's the kind of book that leaves its readers wanting more (but kind of afraid for more at the same time!). Highly recommended!!!" - Julie K. Texas, USA.

"What a unique story concept! I thoroughly enjoyed the twists and I was hooked from the get go. I enjoyed the suspense of not knowing what was going to happen next. I loved that the author teased me with several possible outcomes and still surprised me with the ending. I'm hanging out for a sequel!" - Nicole Gray. QLD, Australia.

"...This is a thoroughly enjoyable read. Set within alternative, modern-day institutions, we follow the main character as he attempts to find out what's happening to him and, with the help of some very skilled friends, to escape with his life. The book has a well-drawn main character, a lot of suspense, and a unique plot. The ending is satisfying as well as leaving some questions unanswered. It can easily be read in an afternoon or evening and is fantastic escapism. Highly recommended for fans of action and suspense." - Elizabeth Ross. NSW, Australia.

"This book ROCKS!!!!! Well written and keeps you intrigued! A+++++" - Franklin P. Johnston. North Carolina, USA.

"I love suspense and thrillers and this one did not disappoint. I was caught up in Eddie's day to day life from the beginning. Can't wait for more books from this author. Maybe we will even get to see more of Eddie's story!" - Beverly Gaulden. North Carolina, USA.

"A very well written book with outstanding writer style." - Jack T. USA.

"This book is exciting from beginning to end. Really makes you stop and think if this could actually happen. It was very hard to put down... Well written, great reading." - M. Patterson. NSW, Australia.
Great Big Tree
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A book for young children, designed especially to engage their observation skills as they enjoy the wonderful world around them. Children can immerse their minds in the details of the hand drawn illustrations, all the while advancing their numeracy and language skills.

This edition also includes the short poem "A Smile". A welcomed message for all ages, reminding us of the impact of a priceless gift we each share too infrequently.

"I love this book! More importantly, my children love this book! The first time I read it with my six year old, his smile grew with each turn of the page. By the end, all he wanted to do was read it again and again. I was amazed that this little boy who can rarely sit still for more than two minutes, was completely mesmerized. This book flows beautifully. The gentle rhyming is sweet and natural. The illustrations are adorable. This book is a treasure!" - Julie K. Texas, USA.

"Must have for your young ones. Wonderful book ...makes you want to cuddle and read with your children. Love to see stories like this still being written." - M. Pfeiffer. New Jersey, USA.

"My three children (twin 4 year olds and a 2 year old) love this story. It's well written and has a natural flow and rhythm. The content is relevant and meaningful for the early childhood age range and it encourages cognitive development with counting and recall practice. A wonderful story to encourage independent reading as well as shared quiet time." - N. Gray. QLD, Australia.

"Super book with lovely illustrations, brilliant for children. Educational in a really fun way." - S. Dawes. Cheltenham, England. UK.

"...It has a memorable metre for reading aloud and gives children the opportunity to practise counting both forwards and backwards, using numbers and words, from one to ten. The illustrations are lovingly drawn by hand and have a lot of character. Recommended for young, beginning readers." - E. Ross. NSW, Australia.

Circles All Around
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When you look at the world, do you see the shapes within it?

This illustrated children's book is designed to encourage young minds to seek out the finer details in what they see.

Like a scavenger hunt throughout your home, this adventure helps children identify shapes within shapes, aiding pattern recognition and drawing skills.

"Circles All Around is another perfect children's book by this author. My four and six year olds can't stop searching for circular items around the house after reading this book. The illustrations are simple yet eye catching and colorful. Though he loves for me to read it to him, my six-year-old son also enjoys reading it himself. He is a beginning reader. The repetition and rhyming along with the illustrations makes this book an ideal reading tool for beginners." - Julie K. Texas, USA.

"What a lovely book! My three children immediately started finding all the circles around them, such a lot of fun! We are looking forward to more shape recognition books from you Renee, thank you:)" - N. Gray. QLD, Australia.

"Another great book by this author. An easy to read and fun way to teach my grandchildren shapes and early reading skills. After reading the book, the kids wanted to find more circles inside the house and out in the yard. The beautiful illustrations make it easy for the kids to enjoy the book themselves and to help them join in when we read it together." - M. Patterson. NSW. Australia.

"...utterly appealing fusion of dystopian tale and courtroom drama." - Kirkus Reviews

REBOOT (series - comedy) - Void of life skills, a practically incompetent tech guy in his 30s is finally forced to leave the nest when his nest up and retires to Florida.

UNEARTHED (Crime Drama) - A headstrong P.I. struggles to stay on the right side of the law when her father's murder pulls her into a web of organized crime and family secrets.

Kindle Vella
Read on Kindle Vella
Raised on cold cases and conspiracy theories, Lou Parker was destined to follow in her father's footsteps.

Thrust to the helm of their floundering P.I. business, Lou struggles to hold their makeshift family together while she hunts for a killer and attempts to restore her father's reputation.